Author, Speaker, Journalist, Consultant. Best Nonfiction Book of the Year – Goodreads Choice Awards

“I was hooked.” Editors’ Choice
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“Impossible to put down.” Critic’s Choice
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The Teachers: A year inside American's most vulnerable, important profession

An important and eye-opening book that all parents, teachers, and educational administrators should read.” STARRED REVIEW— Kirkus Reviews


New York Times bestseller. A People Magazine People Pick.

“A rich, fast-paced book about heroic, neglected professionals; editor’s recommendation.”

– Barnes and Noble


New York Times bestseller.

“Pledged is amazing in the same way that reality TV is amazing: It’s the car crash you can’t take your eyes off of…. Every parent of a college-bound daughter should read this book. And Alexandra Robbins: You go girl.”

– New Republic


Best Nonfiction Book of the Year, Goodreads Choice Awards. Books for a Better Life Award. New York Times bestseller.

“Alexandra Robbins writes reality TV in book form, detailing a competitive teen culture (sororities, brainiacs) from the inside out. … There are plot twists of every stripe, even some sneaky ones… Robbins’ adept pen re-creates scenes that bring back the cattiness, angst, depression, glories, pain, triumph and awakening of high school. You’ll fall in love seven times with seven individuals courageous enough to be just that: individuals.”

– New Jersey Star-Ledger


New York Times Book Review Editors’ Choice. People Magazine Critic’s Choice. New York Times bestseller.

“I couldn’t get enough of it. ‘The Overachievers’ is part soap opera, part social treatise… I was so hooked on their stories that I wanted to vote for my favorite contestant at the end of every chapter… It reads like very good young adult fiction, thanks to its winning cast, its surprising plot twists and its pushy parents.”

– New York Times Book Review. Editors’ Choice.


A New York Times Book Review New and Noteworthy Book. A Real Simple Best Book of 2019. A People Magazine People Pick.


“Alexandra Robbins’s lively, penetrating, and witty account of the Skull and Bones.”

– Boston Globe


“This book is a guide for twentysomethings entering adulthood to help you emerge successful, happy and sane.”

– The Times