Author, Speaker, Journalist, Consultant. Best Nonfiction Book of the Year – Goodreads Choice Awards

“I was hooked.” Editors’ Choice
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“Impossible to put down.” Critic’s Choice
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Author of the Best Nonfiction Book of the Year (Goodreads Choice Awards), Robbins is “an excellent stylist and a first-rate mind” (Houston Chronicle) whose writing style is “highly addictive” (Philadelphia Inquirer). She “has a gift for writing fact like fiction” (Kirkus Reviews). Read more…

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Alexandra is an award-winning speaker who has delivered talks on topics including:

  • “Calming the pressure on students (and parents!) to succeed” (high school, middle school and/or parents)
  • “How to figure out what to do with your life” (college and young adults)
  • “The secrets of popularity” (high school, middle school and/or parents)
  • “Being excluded doesn’t mean anything’s wrong with you” (high school, middle school and/or parents)
  • “How to make Greek life work for you” (college)
  • Stress, pressure, and alcohol awareness (college students)
  • The Quarterlife Crisis and other college and twentysomething issues (young adults, alumni associations, college students)
  • “How to help your students thrive” (schools, parents)
  • “Celebrating school nurses”
  • “Why nurses are heroes” / Nurse motivation talks
  • Skull and Bones and secret societies
  • Commencement addresses and high school graduation speeches

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“Alexandra Robbins… For poolside non-fiction, she’s the one you want. She manages to both inform and entertain.” – Wander & Whine

“The author has a gift for writing fact like fiction.” – Kirkus Reviews

Reviews of Alexandra’s latest book, The Nurses:

“A funny, intimate and often jaw-dropping account of life behind the scenes on the harried hospital floor.” – People magazine

“A rich, fast-paced book about heroic, neglected professionals; editor’s recommendation.” – Barnes and Noble

“An eye-opener not to be missed. *Nonfiction choice of the month.” – EarlyWord

“Robbins’ account is dramatic and riveting.” – The

What is consulting?


Alexandra helps companies target their audiences, schools address the needs of their students, writers achieve their goals, and businesses improve their public and media relations. To find out if she can help you, please contact her here.

Alexandra has done consulting work for dozens of schools, and for companies including IBM, Johnson & Johnson, PNC, Novartis, Merrill Lynch, The Addams Family Broadway Production, and Y&R, among others.

Alexandra and her work have been featured in/on outlets such as:

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