Alexandra Robbins
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Alexandra Robbins

Spring 2016: Now a New York Times bestseller in paperback, too! Order here .

“The unsung heroes of the medical world get their own full opera here in a funny, intimate and often jaw-dropping account of life behind the scenes on the harried hospital floor.” – People magazine

“A rich, fast-paced book about heroic, neglected professionals. *Editor’s recommendation.” – Barnes & Noble 

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Lively narrative by Alex Robbins, author of Goodreads BEST NON-FICTION BOOK of the yearIn this lively, fast-paced bestselling story, Robbins, author of Goodreads' BEST NONFICTION BOOK OF THE YEAR, draws readers into a brilliantly captivating in-depth investigation of the extraordinary working lives of nurses and the shocking behind-the-scenes secrets that present and future patients and their loved ones need to know.


The Nurses is told through the real-life stories of four women in different hospitals: Molly, funny, well-loved, and confident enough to quit a longtime job after her hospital ramps up its anti-nurse policies.


Lara, a superstar nurse who tries to battle her way back from a near-ruinous prescription-drug addiction. The outspoken but compassionate Juliette, a fierce advocate for her patients.

And Sam, a first-year nurse, struggling to find her way in a gossipy mean-girl climate she likens to “high school, except for the dying people.”


Readers will root for these bedside heroes, who operate in a world filled with joy and violence, miracles and heartbreak, dark humor and gripping drama. It’s a world of hazing—“nurses eat their young.” Sex—not exactly like on TV, but more prevalent than many imagine. Drug abuse—disproportionately a problem among the best and the brightest. True-life archetypes—the handsome, suave doctor, the patient brought back from death, the hunky male nurse. And bullying—by peers, by patients, by hospital bureaucrats, and especially by doctors, an epidemic described as lurking in the “shadowy, dark corners of our profession.”


The result is a riveting page-turner, insightful and thought-provoking, that will leave readers feeling smarter about their healthcare and undeniably appreciative of the incredible nurses who provide it.

Lectures available on:
  • "The Pressure to Succeed": a lecture for high school and middle school students, parents, teachers, and communities about calming down during the schooling years
  • "How to Figure Out What to do With Your Life": a lecture for college students and young adults
  • "The Secrets of Popularity: Being Excluded Doesn't Mean Anything's Wrong With You": a lecture for high school and middle school students, parents, teachers, and communities about social pressures
  • Pledged and related Greek issues
  • Stress, pressure, and alcohol awareness
  • The Quarterlife Crisis and other college and twentysomething issues
  • Secrets of the Tomb, Skull and Bones
  • Journalism, writing, and publishing
  • Celebrating School Nurses
  • How to Help Your Students
  • Why Nurses Are Heroes
  • Other lecture and seminar topics available upon request

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